LESSON 1 - Introduction and
                     Particle Theory of Matter
                     1 PERIOD

LESSON 2 - Viscosity and
                     Viscosity Lab - experiment
                     (shampoo, syrup, water etc.)
                     3 PERIODS

LESSON 3 -  Viscosity and temperature
                      Lab. experiment- (chocolate)
                      1 PERIOD

LESSON 4 - Density
                     Oil spill demonstration
                     Lab experiment comparing
                     densities - (liquid rainbow)
                     2 PERIODS

LESSON 5 - Review of Mass and Volume
                     1 PERIOD

LESSON 6 - Relationship of mass,
                     density and volume
                     Problem Solving
                          1 PERIOD

LESSON 7   - Buoyancy  Introduction,                              gravity and buoyancy                                  and preparation for lab
                      1 PERIOD

LESSON 8   - Buoyancy lab (clay and                              pennies)
                      2 PERIODS

LESSON 9   - Buoyancy Lab -                                          experiment (floating egg)
                      1 PERIOD

LESSON 10 - Introduction to Pressure                              LAB - using syringes,                                  tubing and connectors
                      2 PERIODS

LESSON 11 - Hydraulics and Pneumatics
                      Labs - fluid mechanics
                      (fuel pump vs heart and                              artificial heart, car hoist and                        brakes
                      CONSTRUCTION of a                               device that is able to move                         an object a short distance   
                      3 PERIODS


The construction of a device, the final activity in the fluids unit, leads nicely into our next unit which is Mechanical Efficiency. In this unit you will further your experience by using hydraulics and design a working mechanical system.
Here is an excellent site for teachers to view. It lists some activities with and without the use of lego dacta. Pneumatics
Robotic Arm uses pneumatics to work.
PICTURES - Please take a look at the projects (constructions) we built.  HERE
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